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Сегодня в 01:04 Neil deGrasse Tyson
Me & @BillNye — Reminding you that when cosmic knowledge blows your mind, sometimes you gotta wear shades.…
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Вчера в 19:43 Elon Musk
Must remember that irony and social media are not friends. Keep forgetting. Dammit.
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Сегодня в 02:50 Elon Musk
Do want irony on social media?
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Сегодня в 03:01 Elon Musk
In life, there are no easy choices …
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Сегодня в 00:36 NASA's Juno Mission
Spot #Jupiter’s stripes! Each of the light & dark atmospheric bands in this #JunoCam image is wider than Earth…
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Вчера в 21:06 CassiniSaturn
During tomorrow’s ring plane crossing we’ll be studying the age, mass and composition of #Saturn’s rings. Details:…
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Сегодня в 01:37 New Scientist
#OnThisDay in 1633, the Catholic Church found Galileo guilty of heresy. In 1992, the Vatican admitted he was right…
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Вчера в 23:25 CassiniSaturn
Applications now open: attend a #NASASocial to witness and share our #GrandFinale, live from @NASAJPL:…
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Вчера в 22:34 NASA Goddard Images
M. Popek photographed jellyfish sprites over Europe as a thunderstorm unleashed a spectacular display of lightning:…
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Вчера в 18:45 New Scientist
Sweden is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2045
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Вчера в 19:29 Chris Hadfield
Amazing what we can do, when we put our minds to it. (you can select your country's data in here, to compare:…
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Вчера в 07:29 New Scientist
Best evidence yet that Parkinson’s could be autoimmune disease
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Вчера в 15:14 New Scientist
Best evidence yet that Parkinson’s could be autoimmune disease
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Вчера в 23:00 USGS
Daytime #pollinators like brightly colored flowers. Nighttime #pollinators like flowers w/ sweet perfumes. Pic:NPS…
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Вчера в 14:20 New Scientist
2016 was the 3rd year with almost static emissions, while the economy grew – it is possible to go green and prosper…
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Вчера в 20:45 New Scientist
The world in 2076: Thousands of people have settled on Mars
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Вчера в 07:09 SPACE.com
"Shouldn't we be content to be cosmic sloths, enjoying the universe from the comfort of Earth? The answer is, no."
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Вчера в 14:04 New Scientist
Weird orbits hint ‘Planet Ten’ might lurk at solar system edge
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Вчера в 07:10 New Scientist
Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US
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Вчера в 16:55 New Scientist
With the Breakthrough Starshot initiative we could visit Alpha Centauri sooner than previously thought possible…
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Вчера в 05:06 SPACE.com
Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Path, Viewing Maps and Photo Guide
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Вчера в 19:07 New Scientist
Google on track for quantum computer breakthrough by end of 2017
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Вчера в 19:12 SPACE.com
If the moon passes in front of the sun once a month, why don't we have monthly solar eclipses?…
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Вчера в 13:48 New Scientist
Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US
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Вчера в 18:38 New Scientist
Living with climate change: it's possible to go green and prosper
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Вчера в 13:31 New Scientist
Happy #CephalopodWeek! 🐙 Octopuses and their brethren are taking over the seas, as ocean temperatures climb…
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Вчера в 15:50 New Scientist
To stop the worst of global warming, we should have sorted this a decade ago. But trends show that we can change…
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Вчера в 07:47 New Scientist
LA’s endangered pumas to be saved by a $60m bridge over highway
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Вчера в 16:05 New Scientist
Meditation and tai chi don’t just calm the mind – they seem to affect our DNA too
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Сегодня в 01:34 Phil Plait
If you REALLY think Ted Cruz will vote against this bill, I have a Congress to sell you.
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Вчера в 18:28 Phil Plait
WD 1202 is a weird binary system. REALLY weird: One of the stars used to be *inside* the other one!…
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Сегодня в 00:45 New Scientist
Google on track for quantum computer breakthrough by end of 2017
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Вчера в 17:39 New Scientist
Living with climate change: What’s the worst that can happen?
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Вчера в 12:25 New Scientist
Living with climate change: Welcome to the new normal
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Вчера в 22:33 SPACE.com
ESA Moves Forward on Gravitational Wave and Exoplanet Missions
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Вчера в 12:08 SPACE.com
Where my multiverses at?
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Вчера в 23:30 Smithsonian Magazine
Horse-riding librarians were the Great Depression's bookmobiles
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Вчера в 12:40 New Scientist
This handy robot will iron your clothes so you don’t have to
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Вчера в 20:13 SPACE.com
Lucasfilm has officially announced Ron Howard is taking over as director of 2018's standalone Han Solo film
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Сегодня в 03:41 Phil Plait
On a stack of hundred dollar bills from the fossil fuel interests, from insurance companies, from bankers……
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Вчера в 06:52 New Scientist
Living with climate change: What’s the worst that can happen?
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Вчера в 08:12 SPACE.com
Most exoplanets are either big & rocky or big & gassy
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Вчера в 14:49 New Scientist
It is possible to go green and prosper. Subscribe to discover how to live with climate change (and how to beat it)…
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Вчера в 23:17 EarthSky
Tonight, if you have a dark sky, look for the constellation Draco the Dragon winding around the North Star, Polaris…
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Вчера в 23:42 New Scientist
Oil-exploration airguns punch 2-kilometre-wide holes in plankton
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Вчера в 17:17 SPACE.com
#OTD in 2000, NASA announced that it had found possible evidence of liquid water on Mars! #TodayInSpace
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Вчера в 06:45 Smithsonian Magazine
This will be the first total eclipse to pass over North America since 1918.
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Вчера в 22:44 New Scientist
Volunteers teach AI to spot slavery sites from satellite images
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Вчера в 22:55 Astronomy Now
Researchers present evidence that an unseen Mars-sized body lurks somewhere in the Kuiper Belt.…
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Сегодня в 00:01 New Scientist
Weird amphibians found at record depth in dark underground lake
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Вчера в 21:49 Phil Plait
Hey @HouseDemocrats you have WAY bigger fish to fry here. Get it together.
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Вчера в 19:52 SPACE.com
And now, from the team that brought you a potentially Earth-like planet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri...
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Вчера в 14:00 Smithsonian Magazine
When librarians rode horseback to deliver books to Depression-era readers.
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Сегодня в 03:17 Elon Musk
@WaywardPlane Damn, I forgot bacon
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Вчера в 21:53 Phil Plait
Journalists are reporting w/o irony that Ted Cruz wants changes to AHCA or else he won’t support it. Seriously. Seriously.
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Вчера в 21:33 New Scientist
Elon Musk plans to establish colonies on Mars in the 2020s. How likely is this? Our experts give us the odds…
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Сегодня в 01:30 USGS
There are 169 potentially active US volcanoes. USGS Volcano Observ. release notifications. Get updates/subscribe:…
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Вчера в 16:51 ESA
Improving space transportation for Europe - 5 contracts signed at #ParisAirShow
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Вчера в 23:40 Lockheed Martin
Two #T50As have arrived at the @DaytonAirshow! Come see us fly this weekend. Learn more about T-50A:…
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Вчера в 18:01 EarthSky
Good news for coral reefs! After 3 years, the global coral bleaching event is over, scientists say.…
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Вчера в 05:00 The SETI Institute
Facebook live, June 22, at 2:00pm PDT - update on exoplanet discoveries coming from the Kepler Space Telescope…
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Вчера в 21:50 NASA Kepler and K2
TONIGHT: Hear from @NASAKepler planet hunters at public events in the #BayArea. Info:
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Вчера в 13:07 ESA
Replay of this morning's #spacebourget round table on launcher exploitation of #Ariane6 and #Vega_C…
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Вчера в 12:55 New Scientist
Radio powered by your own sweat hints at future of wearables
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Вчера в 16:40 New Scientist
How to live with climate change – and how to beat it 🖌️ @alex_espinosa / @milimdotcom
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Вчера в 18:02 NASA Goddard Images
.@NASAWebb "chilling out" in Houston for the summer- when we say "chilling" we're talking -236 degrees Celsius:…
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Вчера в 19:55 New Scientist
Special cells explain why cabbage and stress churn your guts
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Вчера в 18:16 SPACE.com
Congress just took the first step toward "defending space as a critical element of national security."
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Вчера в 07:08 Elon Musk
@hayskeys7 But RWD with electric is really good in snow (assuming all weather or winter tires), as traction control is far more precise
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Вчера в 18:12 ESA
Another 8 #Galileo satellites for Europe, signed today at #ParisAirShow #spacebourget17
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Вчера в 18:45 SPACE.com
What if alien life isn't "the soft, squishy kind, like us"?
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Вчера в 22:26 New Scientist
Trump’s wise monkey environment plan: See no evil, hear no evil
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Вчера в 23:08 Astronomy Magazine
Hubble watched a star become a black hole.
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Сегодня в 00:06 New Scientist
Italy’s drying lakes imperil rare shrimp species found only here
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Вчера в 14:30 USGS
You don’t need a library card to check out the #USGS #Pollinator Library. #PollinatorWeek
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Вчера в 10:40 ESA
LIVE at 10:00 from #SpaceBourget17 at #ParisAirShow round table on exploitation of #Ariane6 & #VegaC…
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Вчера в 21:00 NASA Goddard Images
.@NASAWebb "chilling out" in Houston for the summer - when we say "chilling" we're talking -236 degrees Celsius:…
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Вчера в 05:45 Smithsonian Magazine
The film, found at a Goodwill, revealed images of the ash plume from the 1980 eruption that killed 57.
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Вчера в 10:00 Smithsonian Magazine
Crafted from leather and wood, this ancient Egyptian prosthesis was adjusted to precisely fit its wearer’s foot.
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Вчера в 23:19 New Scientist
Escape to the future with virtual reality
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Вчера в 12:10 New Scientist
World’s largest annual wildlife drowning boosts river ecosystem
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Сегодня в 00:40 SPACE.com
If you're going to take anyone's advice on seeing the #TotalSolarEclipse, it should probably be @NASA's, right?
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Сегодня в 02:45 The SETI Institute
Is It Time to Rethink How We Search for Alien Life?
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Сегодня в 01:47 Spaceflight Now
Indian rocket set to launch 31 satellites from 15 countries early Friday (GMT).
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Сегодня в 02:33 Spaceflight Now
India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle will blast off on its 40th mission in a few hours. Photos of launch preps:…
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Вчера в 19:36 Elon Musk
@partialobs @SpaceX Radiation
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Вчера в 07:09 Elon Musk
@DPazdan Groan
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Вчера в 23:01 Spaceflight Now
UPDATE: Cape Canaveral’s first Minotaur launch now scheduled for no earlier than Aug 25 after delay from mid-July.…
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Вчера в 19:00 Sky & Telescope
Planet X? Planet 9? Is it real? New research tells us more:
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Вчера в 18:57 NOAA
Are you enduring the Southwest #HeatWave? Get your local forecast temps at
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Вчера в 06:16 New Scientist
Subscribe to discover what we’re doing about climate change, and what more we must do
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Вчера в 10:17 ESA
Can't get to #ParisAirShow? Here's our roundup of yesterday's events in #spacebourget pavilion at #PAS17
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Вчера в 16:08 Spaceflight Now
Updated catalog from NASA’s Kepler mission contains 219 new exoplanet candidates.
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Вчера в 17:06 NOAA
#DroughtMonitor 6/20: Extreme #drought expands in parts of North & South Dakota, Montana. Check your state at…
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Вчера в 05:05 Universe Today
Goodbye, Planet Nine! New And Better Data Disfavors A Giant World Beyond Neptune -
20 48
Вчера в 22:17 Universe Today
Saturn Rides Bareback On The Galactic Dark Horse - Universe Today
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Вчера в 11:29 New Scientist
Radio powered by your own sweat hints at future of wearables 
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Вчера в 17:22 New Scientist
The deteriorating communications infrastructure between Mars and Earth could put dreams of new colonies in jeopardy…
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Вчера в 20:07 EarthSky
Post sunset colors over Deerfield Lake, Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. Image submitted on Facebook by…
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Вчера в 08:00 Smithsonian Magazine
#PhotoOfTheDay "Dream" #Japan
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Вчера в 07:07 Elon Musk
@hayskeys7 Will extend
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Сегодня в 00:05 Emily Lakdawalla
Current status: printing out a complete copy of my first book for editing :O
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Вчера в 06:34 Emily Lakdawalla
Evergreen tweet.
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Сегодня в 01:40 Bobak Ferdowsi
Um, can employees attend?
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Вчера в 20:55 Lockheed Martin
ICYMI: @SierraNevCorp joins our team for #JSTARS Recap. Learn more:
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Сегодня в 03:35 Phil Plait
@HamillHimself CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a boy!
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Сегодня в 02:02 EarthSky
Everything you need to know about Messier 5 – aka M5 - your new favorite globular cluster!
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Вчера в 23:00 The SETI Institute
Facebook live, June 22, at 2:00pm PDT - update on exoplanet discoveries coming from the Kepler Space Telescope…
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Вчера в 21:00 The SETI Institute
“Young, Dead, Compact, Disk Galaxy Surprises Astronomers, Offers New Clues to How Elliptical Galaxies Formed”…
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Вчера в 07:30 SOFIAtelescope
We're on our way to New Zealand! First stop: @JointBasePHH.
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Вчера в 15:09 SPACE.com
Tune in now to watch a chicken sandwich get launched into space (yep, you read that right)
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Вчера в 16:30 EarthSky
Why hottest weather isn’t on longest day.
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Сегодня в 02:05 Phil Plait
One of my all time favorite movies.
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Сегодня в 00:25 New Scientist
Living with climate change: Can we limit global warming to 2°c?
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