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Вчера в 19:23 Phil Plait
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Вчера в 21:22 CassiniSaturn
The latest observations from our #GrandFinale at #Saturn continue to “surprise and delight” scientists:…
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Вчера в 18:19 CassiniSaturn
Seen from #Saturn’s cloud tops, the planet’s rings would arc across the sky. Details:
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Сегодня в 03:07 SarcasticRover
Trump could have used the Boy Scout Jamboree to inspire young people to create a better world. But he didn’t. Because he’s a disgrace.
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Сегодня в 01:00 SarcasticRover
NASA made Mars recruitment posters, but the slogans are all wrong so Im going to fix them.
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Вчера в 05:25 Phil Plait
This is an INCREDIBLY important thread. Bottom line: CALL YOUR SENATORS. CALL CALL CALL. Tell them to vote NO.
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Сегодня в 01:14 Phil Plait
And hey, have you noticed the new banner at the top of xkcd yet…?
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Вчера в 21:21 NASA JPL
Weird science from #Saturn: -Day length unknown -Magnetic field has no tilt -Rings have plateaus #GrandFinale news:…
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Вчера в 18:47 NASA Goddard Images
Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars well I do #RIPChester #LinkinPark #MusicMonday dy…
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Вчера в 21:56 CassiniSaturn
Sounds from a ring crossing: data collected by the Radio and Plasma Wave Science instrument on May 28. Details:…
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Вчера в 21:34 CassiniSaturn
New, detailed images of Saturn's C ring reveal a streaky texture that is very different from the surrounding region…
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Вчера в 21:32 CassiniSaturn
A vast swath of Saturn's atmosphere, as seen during the first #GrandFinale dive on April 26. Details:…
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Вчера в 20:51 New Scientist
Famous last words... 🖌️ @tomgauld
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Сегодня в 01:16 SarcasticRover
Mars: It’s a lawless wasteland without consequence!
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Сегодня в 02:06 SarcasticRover
If history teaches us anything it’s that nothing bad has ever come from indoctrinating impressionable youth for political gain.
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Вчера в 22:13 Emily Lakdawalla
Just drop everything and gaze at this photo of Jupiter and the solar system's largest moon, taken from Earth.
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Сегодня в 01:06 SarcasticRover
Being on Mars is bad enough. Don’t go to the moons.
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Вчера в 18:25 Phil Plait
Everything you need to know about the August 21 total solar eclipse! (Part 1)
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Вчера в 23:32 SPACE.com
Imagine All the People: When Cassini Looked Back at Earth
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Вчера в 21:15 Lockheed Martin
100K & Soaring: @thef35 fleet surpasses the 100,000 flight hour milestone:
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Сегодня в 01:43 SarcasticRover
Get your ass to Mars!
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Вчера в 17:15 The SETI Institute
APOD: 2017 July 24 - A Hybrid Solar Eclipse over Kenya | 2013 photo by Image Credit & Copyright: Eugen Kamenew…
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Сегодня в 00:03 New Scientist
Blood test detects Alzheimer’s plaques building up in brain
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Вчера в 13:08 New Scientist
Throwaway culture: The truth about recycling
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Сегодня в 01:23 SarcasticRover
Mars needs children! (for… reasons)
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Вчера в 16:37 New Scientist
In the US, only around 8% of all plastic created is recycled. So will we ever have a world without rubbish?…
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Сегодня в 01:31 SarcasticRover
We have the technology!
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Вчера в 18:01 EarthSky
Beautiful shot of the Milky Way and what looks like an iridium flare from Kathy Nadeau at Thissell Pond, Maine…
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Вчера в 20:44 EarthSky
Multazam Yazid captured today's extremely young waxing moon - 1.5% illuminated - from Malaysia.…
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Вчера в 05:02 EarthSky
Popular at EarthSky: Best places to watch 2017 eclipse
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Вчера в 16:12 Emily Lakdawalla
I don't think enough people recognize how valuable 45 years of continuous Landsat imagery is.
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Вчера в 23:28 New Scientist
Lithium dreams: The surreal landscapes where batteries are born
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Вчера в 14:57 New Scientist
Loneliness can have a devastating effect on our health, so why aren't we talking about it?
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Вчера в 18:15 USGS
Image Mosaic and Topographic Map of the Moon
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Вчера в 14:52 SPACE.com
NASA Unveils 2018 Launch Targets for Private Spaceships Built by Boeing, SpaceX
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Вчера в 22:53 New Scientist
Robot spots signs of melted fuel at submerged Fukushima reactor
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Вчера в 04:07 SOFIAtelescope
Sunset from the stratosphere over New Zealand:
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Вчера в 18:18 New Scientist
Gel beads bounce and squeak in a hot pan - now high-speed cameras have revealed why
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Вчера в 22:26 New Scientist
Recent discoveries challenge our view of how fish-like creatures evolved to move from sea to land…
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Сегодня в 00:05 SPACE.com
Aging Mars Rover Captures Gorgeous 'Sprained Ankle' Panorama (Photos)
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Вчера в 14:41 New Scientist
What if the universe is an illusion?
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Сегодня в 01:11 SarcasticRover
Future Mars colonists will have trouble getting food.
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Вчера в 18:06 SPACE.com
The Moon's Interior Could Contain Lots of Water, Study Shows
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Вчера в 18:57 SPACE.com
Giant 'Rogue' Worlds Are Less Common Than Scientists Thought
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Вчера в 23:09 New Scientist
Your eardrums move in sync with your eyes but we don’t know why
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Сегодня в 00:39 SPACE.com
Explore the International Space Station with Google Street View
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Вчера в 11:05 New Scientist
The science of silence
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Вчера в 13:55 New Scientist
The cosmic dance of three dead stars could break relativity
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Вчера в 19:38 New Scientist
We know being alone is bad for our health – now it's becoming clear that feeling isolated can be equally damaging…
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Сегодня в 00:35 EarthSky
Tonight … Go young moon hunting at dusk
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Вчера в 10:00 ESO
You're *not* seeing double when you look at our ESO Picture of the Week.
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Вчера в 19:56 New Scientist
Fake duck test shows drones and AI beat humans at bird census
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Вчера в 14:25 New Scientist
Many of us are walking around with a ticking time bomb of stress-induced inflammation that never quite goes away…
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Сегодня в 00:00 USGS
Learn how Yosemite's towering cliffs, spectacular waterfalls & granite domes were formed -
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Вчера в 16:15 USGS
Learn how USGS scientists are using electromagnetic surveys to study geology and groundwater throughout CA -…
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Вчера в 20:30 USGS
Landsat 1 was launched 45 years ago yesterday! To date, the #Landsat Program has archived over 7 million scenes…
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Сегодня в 01:37 SarcasticRover
Almost done…
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Сегодня в 00:05 SPACE.com
Lawbreaking Particles May Point to a Previously Unknown Force in the Universe
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Вчера в 21:41 Emily Lakdawalla
I love this "Cassini noodle" image, pole almost to the equator...
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Вчера в 21:53 New Scientist
How the dark web’s gunrunners covertly ship US weapons to Europe
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Вчера в 22:51 Phil Plait
Hey @farenthold how many blatantly sexist things can you say in one statement? Oh, *that* many.
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Сегодня в 00:23 New Scientist
Digital drinking buddy replaces ill-advised tweets with cat pics
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Сегодня в 01:27 New Scientist
Australia to expand commercial fishing in marine sanctuaries
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Вчера в 15:15 New Scientist
The most important fossil you’ve never heard of is helping transform our picture of how fish first walked on land…
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Вчера в 14:36 SPACE.com
Are Mars' Trojan Asteroids Pieces of the Red Planet?
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Вчера в 22:49 Smithsonian Magazine
World's oldest smiley face may decorate a Hittite jug.
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Вчера в 23:17 EarthSky
Popular at EarthSky this week: How close will asteroid 2012 TC4 come? Might give Earth a c…
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Сегодня в 00:15 Smithsonian Magazine
Photographers were sent out in 1930s America. What they brought back was an indelible record of a period of struggle
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Вчера в 11:55 New Scientist
Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV
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Вчера в 12:33 New Scientist
Panic, depression and stress: The case against meditation
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Вчера в 16:30 EarthSky
Rain trying to wash out the sunset Saturday evening over the Manzano Mountains in New Mexico. Photo by Joe Glade
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Вчера в 17:25 New Scientist
Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV
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Вчера в 23:50 Smithsonian Magazine
Of the 9 billion tons of plastic the world has produced, only nine percent is recycled.
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Вчера в 20:21 New Scientist
Web of deceit: Spider uses optical illusion to lure nocturnal moths
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Вчера в 13:47 New Scientist
God vs the multiverse: The 2500-year war
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Сегодня в 02:18 New Scientist
Friendship: The chemistry of our social glue
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Вчера в 20:53 SPACE.com
NASA Unveils 2018 Launch Targets for Private Spaceships Built by Boeing, SpaceX
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Вчера в 21:26 New Scientist
What will happen when machines can tell how you feel?
26 57
Сегодня в 00:40 SPACE.com
Ancient volcanic deposits on the moon reveal new evidence about the lunar interior.
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Вчера в 10:48 ESA
Preparing for Euclid mission with record-breaking #Universe simulation: @esascience #ImageOfTheWeek…
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Сегодня в 00:43 SarcasticRover
Spending my solar conjunction break by catching up on the news. Did you know everything is terrible?
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Вчера в 14:43 ESA EarthObservation
#Casamance and #RioGeba rivers captured by #Sentinel3-A OLCI. Notice their heavy discharge of sediment into the sea…
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Вчера в 16:18 New Scientist
The battery revolution that will let us all be power brokers
25 60
Вчера в 18:48 Astronomy Magazine
These are the best pictures of Jupiter's red spot yet.
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Вчера в 23:45 New Scientist
Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins
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Сегодня в 00:08 SPACE.com
The Moon's Interior Could Contain Lots of Water, Study Shows
24 96
Сегодня в 01:02 Phil Plait
I just called my GOP Senator, @SenCoryGardner. Here’s the l=message I left:
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Вчера в 20:07 EarthSky
Popular at EarthSky ... Peering toward the Cosmic Dark Ages
23 17
Вчера в 04:00 Smithsonian Magazine
Where did “Gerrymandering” come from?
23 40
Сегодня в 01:17 SPACE.com
NASA Wants YOU to Be a Citizen Scientist for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
22 49
Вчера в 22:45 New Scientist
More than 120 inspirational speakers, more than 100 talks across six theatres. Tickets are selling fast. #NSLive…
22 59
Вчера в 18:09 New Scientist
Tides on exoplanets could drive alien biological clocks
20 51
Вчера в 14:36 SPACE.com
Wow! See New Horizons' Next Flyby Target Blot Out a Star's Light
20 49
Вчера в 15:49 New Scientist
Everyone gets lonely. We must admit it or bear the consequences
20 21
Вчера в 17:15 Smithsonian Magazine
The painstaking process of preserving a 400-pound blue whale heart.
20 25
Вчера в 17:45 Smithsonian Magazine
Just 50 miles from Niagara Falls lies the true waterfall capital of the world.
20 44
Вчера в 19:17 SPACE.com
Shuttle-Era Cargo Module to Become Deep Space Habitat Prototype
19 59
Сегодня в 00:48 Phil Plait
Is it 100% sure McCain will vote YES on repeal though? His statement last week doesn’t make it clear.…
19 55
Сегодня в 00:58 SPACE.com
Giant 'Rogue' Worlds Are Less Common Than Scientists Thought
18 59
Сегодня в 01:44 New Scientist
Tides on exoplanets could drive alien biological clocks
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Вчера в 20:53 Bobak Ferdowsi
Turns out I have been a cat all along
13 73
Сегодня в 01:05 Phil Plait
BTW I know McCain tends to cave after expressing concern. I’m just hoping here. Anyway, CALL YOUR SENATORS. Use a script if it helps.
14 71
Сегодня в 01:48 SarcasticRover
That’s it. Go to the @NASA site for super hi-res versions of the originals. Tell them Mars sent you.
9 70
Сегодня в 01:07 Phil Plait
@SenCoryGardner I’ll add I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called his offices about this. Over and again.…
10 65
Сегодня в 01:21 Phil Plait
@SenCoryGardner I also just called my Democratic Senator, @SenBennetCO, thanking him again for his firm stance AGAINST health care repeal.
7 65
Вчера в 20:35 Phil Plait
To everyone making the joke about how do we check Snopes to factcheck it: The first link in my tweet is to Snopes which has a page on this.
10 61
Сегодня в 00:04 Emily Lakdawalla
The images from the first mobile rover on Mars were mostly not what you'd call "good" but we love them all the same.
13 56
Сегодня в 01:52 Phil Plait
Oh, my heart needed this today. Very nice, @DontTryThis!
14 52
Вчера в 16:03 Emily Lakdawalla
Thread of sage writing advice. Today is a good day to write a terrible first draft.
4 46
Вчера в 22:43 Emily Lakdawalla
I share this anxiety in knowing the solar system is out there solar-systeming even when we're not watching and what…
11 44
Сегодня в 00:53 New Scientist
As the UK announces new rules to help people generate their own energy, we ask: can power be cheap, clean & secure?…
18 44
Вчера в 14:36 SPACE.com
Germany's DLR to Fly Experiments on Blue Origin's New Shepard
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